My artwork focuses on family relationships and identity and both the transient and lasting nature of our presence on earth. || Mon travail vise les relations familiales et l’identité ainsi que la nature à la fois éphémère et intemporelle de notre présence sur terre.


Julia C Pomeroy - artist, painter | artiste, peintre

How do I choose my reference photos?

How do I choose my reference photos? This is a question I get often when people visit my studio. When I am looking for inspiration, I am always drawn back to my mother’s family photo albums. They are old and falling apart and contain several generations worth of memories.  I must have browsed through them over a hundred times, but each time a different photograph will catch my eye.  Sometimes it’s because I notice something that makes me laugh or reveals clues about a person’s character, or maybe a particular detail will capture my imagination and prompt me to dig…